Johnny Young

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Johnny Young And His Chicago Blues Band




Wild, Wild Woman
Keep Your Nose Out Of My Business
I'm Having A Bail
My Trainfare Out Of Town
I'm Doing All Right
Keep On Drinking
Hot Dog!
Come Early In The Morning
Moaning And Groaning
Cross-Cut Saw
Slam Hammer

enregistré à Chicago, 11, Novembre 1965; Johnny Young, voc, g and mandolin; Otis Spann, p; James Cotton, harp; Jimmy Lee Morris, b; S.P. Larey, dr




Johnny Young And Big Walter: Chicago Blues




Strange Girl
Ring Around My Heart
Sometimes I Cry
Don't You Lie to Me
On the Road Again
Drinking Straight Whiskey
Walter's Boogie
Stockyard Blues
Sleeping with the Devil
Fumbling Around

Johnny Young, voc & g; Walter Horton, harp; Jimmy Dawkins, lead g; Lafayette Leake, p; Ernest Gatewood, b; Lester Dorsie dr




The Chicago String Band




The Sun Is Sinking Low
Trouble On Your Hands
Weeping & Moaning
You Know I Do
Hoodoo Blues
You Got Good Business
Take It Easy Baby
I Got To Find That Woman
Clean Cut Mama
Railroad Blues
Don't Sic Your Dog On Me
John Henry
Memphis, Tenn., 1939 Bluesk
Bye Bye Pete




Johnny Young and His Friends

01 janvier 1994



Prison Bound
Sugar Farm Blues
All My Money Gone
My Home Ain't Here
Blues For Big Time
Did You Get That Letter?
I'm Leaving Baby
I Got It
Bumble Bee
Meet Me In The Bottom
You Made Me Feel So Good
Want My Lovin'
Blues and Trouble
Kid Man Blues
Humpty Dumpty
Forty-Four Blues
Whoop It Up

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