Snooks Eaglin

Discographie sélective



New Orleans Street Singer


Smithsonian Folkways


1. Looking for a Woman
2. Walking Blues
3. Careless Love
4. Saint James Infirmary
5. High Society
6. I Got My Questionnaire
7. Let Me Go Home, Whiskey
8. Mama, Don't Tear My Clothes
9. Trouble in Mind
10. The Lonesome Road
11. Helping Hand (A Thousand Miles Away from Home)
12. One Room Country Shack
13. Who's Been Foolin' You
14. Drifting Blues
15. Sophisticated Blues
16. Come Back, Baby




The Legacy of the Blues Vol. 2


Gnp Crescendo


1.Boogie Children
2.Who's Loving You Tonight
4.Drive It Home
5.Good News
6.Funky Malaguena
7.Pine Tope's Boogie Woogie
8.That Same Old Train
9.I Get The Blues When It Rains
10.Young Boy Blues
11.Tomorrow Night
12.Little Girl Of Mine




Down Yonder - Snooks Eaglin Today!


Verve Records




Baby, You Can Get You Gun!


Hepcat Records


1. You Give Me Nothing But The Blues
2. Baby Please
3. Oh Sweetness
4. Profidia
5. Lavinia
6. Baby, You Can Get Your Gun!
7. Drop The Bomb!
8. That Certain Door
9. Mary Jo
10. Nobody Knows
11. Pretty Girls Everywhere




Out of Nowhere


Black Top Records


1. Oh Lawdy, My Baby
2. Lipstick Traces
3. Young Girl
4. Out Of Nowhere
5. You're So Fine
6. Mailman Blues
7. Wella Wella Baby-La
8. Kiss Of Fire
9. It's Your Thing
10. Playgirl
11. West Side Baby
12. Cheeta




Teasin' You


Black Top Records


1. Baby, Please Come Home
2. Soul Train
3. When It Rains It Pours
4. Teasin' You
5. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
6. Black Night
7. Sleepwalk
8. Travelin' Mood
9. Jesus Will Fix It
10. Don't Take It So Hard
11. Heavy Juice
12. Lilly May
13. My Love Is Strong
14. Red Beans




Soul's Edge


Black Top Records


1. Josephine
2. Show Me The Way Back Home
3. Ling Ting Tong
4. Aw' Some Funk
5. I'm Not Ashamed
6. Nine Pound Steel
7. Answer Now
8. Skinny Minnie
9. Thrill On The Hill
10. You And Me
11. I Went To The Mardi Gras
12. Talk To Me
13. Mama And Papa
14. God Will Take Care




The Way It Is


Money Pit Records

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